Frequently Asked Questions

Why is your order system different from other online stores?

Our objective is to create our site to behave like a physical store, and make you feel like you are in one. Thus, we do away with the usual cart-checkout-pay system, instead implementing a conversation based system. Feel free to chat with us during the order discussion!

How do I order a figure?

Whether its purchase, reservation, pre-order or back-order, you can order a figure using the following easy steps:

  1. Browse through our shelves to find a figure you are interested in.
  2. Place an order with the link on the product page.
  3. Enter your message to begin the conversation with our sales assistant. Also, read & agree to the terms & conditions presented to you.
  4. Arrange the payment and delivery method with our sales assistant.
  5. Collect or receive the delivery of your figure.
You're done!

Do you accept oversea orders?

Sorry, but at this time, The Figure Mall only caters the Malaysian market. This is due to the extra overhead to handle oversea delivery, and also it is usually cheaper to purchase from your local retailer or direct from Japan.

Do you have a physical store/showroom I can visit?

We are a 100% online shop. This allows us to cut our overhead (rent,staff salaries etc.), allowing us to offer cheaper prices. But at times, we may have booths in local events. Do look out for announcements about where we will be next!