About The Figure Mall

Overview & History

Created in 9 April 2007, we started off as a small online forum store on Lowyat.NET. Shortly after, an online catalog site was needed to showcase the figures we offer with more detail. Thus, The Figure Mall web site was built.
Our site started out as an online store, offering as many figures as we can provide. But soon, we realize the need to have a place where figure collectors from all around can come together to share the figure collecting passion.
Now, The Figure Mall provides facilities where collectors can use to compliment their collecting hobby.

Why "Mall"?

A shopping mall/complex provides not only shops to browse and purchase stuff, but also a place to relax, spend the day, where people meet & gather. A mall also provides facilities to not only compliment your shopping experience, but also fulfill whatever needs you may have.
At The Figure Mall, we aim to provide a place where every collector can gather. Many features are provided to compliment a collector's hobby, with more in plan or under development.
The shop currently serves the Malaysian market only.

Our HQ & Shop!

littleAKIBA/The Figure Mall
44B (2nd Floor),
Jalan SS15/4D,
47500 Subang Jaya,

Opening Times:
Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun: 1pm-7pm
Sat: 1pm-10pm
We're closed on Tuesdays & Thursdays.
For a more accurate opening schedule, please check the Calendar.

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